Our group was founded in 1994 by a family who cared and thought about meeting beauty needs in one place, saving clients time and making them feel beautiful. At that time, 3B Cosmetics was the first retail company to combine a dynamic retail store supply chain, a revolutionary concept in the beauty industry in 1994. The ever-timeless company is constantly reinventing itself and to live up to expectations. investment. In 2015, an investment firm bought 3B Cosmetics and proudly reacquired the brand’s intention to focus on what really matters: the customer. Today, 3B Cosmetics has become a real hotbed for the beauty supply chain in Europe and the World. A place where inner beauty is celebrated. A place that’s home to everything hair, makeup, skin and beauty care, plus experienced associates to guide you on your beauty journey. We are more than a sourcing company. We are a family and we treat everyone who comes through our doors as such. Just like a home, we want you to feel special, comfortable, appreciated, welcomed and understood every time you trade with our company.