SURGIDERM 30XP-24XP 2×0,8ml

Surgiderm 30XP-24XP – Description

If your face does not reflect your state of mind because ageing-signs are showing, choose Surgiderm 30XP-24XP . Concrete and apparent results are possible and unlike cosmetic surgery, which is more invasive, this treatment simply involves several injections. Results are instantaneous and last up to 12 months.


SURGIDERM 30XP-24XP is a sterile, cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel that does not contain animal ingredients. This gel comes in a pre-filled, single-use, graduated syringe.

It is recommended for the filling of medium skin depressions, lip contouring, forehead wrinkles, glabella, nasolabial folds, perioral wrinkles, jugal wrinkles and labial commissures of mouth.

Surgiderm helps restore skin volume and moisture. It can improve the appearance of multiple areas of the face that make you look your age.
A fountain of youth at your fingertips to help you look your best!



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